Activists invade the offices of Bayer-Monsanto in Argentina


Last week, climate change activists from the new protest group known as Extinction Rebellion flooded the lobby of the Bayer-Monsanto office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Many of the protesters wore faux hazardous materials (HAZMAT) suits with surgical masks while holding pictures of people affected with birth defects due to the various pesticides manufactured by Monsanto that have been sprayed across the world for decades.

This new activist group is rather weird.  Extinction Rebellion is a group that is establishing protests all over the world for the purpose of preventing the extinction of mankind due to climate change.  Blocking traffic in different cities around the globe causes more chaos instead of bringing more solutions to the table in order to prevent climate change.  Why are some protesters dressed like clowns?  Why is a protester playing an accordian?  Why is a protester playing the soprano saxophone like Kenny G?  Why are these independent musicians kissing?  

Nevertheless, Monsanto needs to learn how to make their products less toxic in the future in order to fix their reputation.

Disclaimer:  I was only allowed to use the Spanish version of the video.


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