Yup, there's a problem.

So it seems there is a problem. I am not sure if it just me or everyone, but is seems like it is probably a good time to take a break from the whole thing and see if I think it is really any fun. Maybe it is just stress to  be here. It is definitely a good time to think, as there is a problem with my notification. It would be nice to know if I am the only one who is having the problem. I didn’t look around to see if anyone else did, but I don’t imagine I would see their banner. 

I guess it’s a good time to help build the clutter jail and do the laundry. I guess I could probably bake some more cookies as well.  Perhaps it is a great day to walk away from the computer. If you happen to know if anyone else had the problem it would be kind to leave a comment and let me know for when I drop back in. Have a great day.


What do you think?

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  1. Friend my self I have trouble non stop-difficult to apply, I can not write comments that I do not speak about the composition of the post

  2. I have not had any troubles today but another day I could not get into notifications and when I finally did it took way longer to load and then the site popped me out and I logged in again and finally yay, all was alright but this is of course how it should not be. Hope you problem gets solved.