Wrangell country

Wrangell country ,, the island between the Chukchi Sea and the east-north-west of the Bering Sea area 7,300 km². 2010, inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites in Asia and Australasia. Realized was named after Russian explorer and Admiral Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel who was looking for him in 1823 but has not reached him. It was discovered by an American whaler Jannette 1867, which was commanded by Captain George Washington De Long. His ship is, after two years, was trapped in polar ice, sank about 1,290 km east of ostrva.Prvi who disembarked on the island in 1881 was a group of Americans with the steamer Thomas L. Corwin, who have been searching for the lost boat. the island was the following 30 years was in isolation,


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