Work disasters

Hello everyone I got a story to tell you about today. Yesterday was a weird day and of course it’s right after Christmas day. Well we were working and the fire alarm went off and so we did your thing going outside and going to our spot where everyone meets up. Mind you it was like 0 degrees outside. On or way out me and my coworker saw some water leaking out from the ceiling so as we made our way to the spot we say some of our supervisor and told them.

Fire department came and check everything and saw there’s no fire. But a water main bursted and what tripped the fire alarm. So we all went back in and water was shut off and we had water every where and was still coming out like Niagra falls. Everything was flooded out! So we waited and got the ok and went back to work. Waterfall stopped finally. And the fire alarm was tripped again water tripped alarm so they had to come fix it. Then everything was ok.



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