Where do people go to have fun

I’m a homebound person and I don’t get out much. I was just wondering where do people go to have fun, to meet people, or how to enjoy yourself? Since I don’t get out much, I just don’t know how to have fun anymore since I’ve been cooped up in my apartment For so long. I forgot how to have fun anymore or enjoying going somewhere. My daughter’s tell me to go out and go to the movies or go to a restaurant go somewhere to have fun or go meet somebody enjoy their company. but the problem is not that I would love to go out and do all that but it takes money and transportation two things that I don’t have. Besides, going out I have fun by yourself that isn’t very fun. Oh well, I guess going out and having a little bit of fun is for the young. But, I guess old people are supposed to stay home and the clean house and not go out and have some fun. Thank you all for reading this and God bless you all.


What do you think?

Written by stacie


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  1. Well, fun is for all people, all ages.
    You sure deserve some fun, even if its just a little walk outside the house, getting some “interaction” with nature or a movie or a cup of coffee…

    Not everything cost something … nature is free :p


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