When the Cold War Ended – 33

Those outside of the United States are stunned by the current level of ignorance, coarseness and the deviation from reality evidenced in the past few years.

Americans strive to maintain their new level of shorter life spans, lower I.Q.s,  and are more than content to let others determine their lives.

They have become so weak minded that they watch their children die of measles because some charlatan told them the vaccination causes autism without a shred of proof.

This ability to create a hoax and see millions of people accept it without checking would be funny, if children weren’t dying.

What happened to the ability of people to do their own research?  To check respected sources?  

Many Americans have been captured by all sorts of ‘conspiracy theories’  that they prefer to believe amorphous users of the Internet than an actual person whose qualifications they can verify. 


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • In my country, there was a resistance to the Polio vaccination. When people got it and were crippled, every one ran to take it. In fact, we had a scare in the late 80s and everyone ran to get an ‘update’.

      With the measles vac. decided no vac, no school. We don’t chances. Right now we have a dengue outbreak, and it has no vac. people have died, people are dying.

      I know in some 1st World places people have died of measles. We’ve been lucky, for as I said, we get the vacs and make sure our kids get the vacs.

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