What happened to me yesterday

Well my friends do you want to know what happened to me yesterday? Well I don’t get out much so my daughter decided had me to go with her and her boyfriend to this club called off the square Club it’s for the people that needs help and to help the homeless people that lives on the streets of Madison Wisconsin. And my daughter is proud of me for making homemade jewelry which is necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and she wanted me to grab all the jewelry i’ve made and bring it with us to the off The Square Club. So, I grabbed all the jewelry that I had made and brought it with us. My daughter knew that there was going to be an artist at the Off The Square Club that helps the artists that are beginners and the ones that are just starting out. Well, when we got there my daughter introduced me to her friend because she had told her friend all about my jewelry and the reasons why I started making my jewelry in the first place and that she really wanted to see some of my jewelry that I had made. And when she looked at my jewelry she found two of them that she really really liked and so she paid me for them and plus she put me in her newsletter with my name and all of my information and how to get in contact with me for anyone who would like to buy some of my jewelry. I could not believe it that somebody like that would be interested in my jewelry I was so excited that I was floating on cloud nine for the rest of the day I was so happy And I will never forget that day because we memorialized it with a picture of the artist’s arm around me and it will be coming out in her newsletter soon. Well, that’s what happened to me yesterday. Thank you for reading this my friends God bless you all.

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