What are The Most Popular Types of Mattresses? Top Choices for You!

Buying a mattress is an essential deal for everyone. It is a significant investment. Knowledge about types of mattresses is scarce among general masses, while on the other hand, knowing about different types of mattresses available in the market can help you greatly in addressing your specific needs and requirements and provide you with an added benefit over other customers.

Did not sleep well last night? Missed the golden slumbers? Maybe there is a problem with your mattress! Maybe it is time to change the mattress. But before you proceed you must get to know about different types of mattresses out there in the market. Proper knowledge helps you drive your shopping process and prevents the salesmen from screwing you with desperate low- sold mattresses. Here are the major types of mattresses in the market, their pros, cons and different aspects of them.

Types of mattresses

Memory foam mattress: It is a vibrant trend in the market. If you are looking for comfort and support, along with side- sleepers, memory foam is a popular choice. In scientific terms, it is the viscoelastic mattress and uses high-density polyurethane. As the name suggests, it conforms to one’s body shape and evenly supports the body weight. When used with an adjustable bed, it flexes very easily to match the contour of the base without any compromise of support and comfort. There are some discussion forums regarding mattresses, one of which is Memory Foam Talk.

Gel mattress: it is a significant innovation is sleeping accessories industry. A gel mattress uses foam containing gel in the support system of product, upholstery layers and both. The gel is added to the foam using diverse technologies. Along with being more comfortable, a gel foam dissipates body’s heat more efficiently.

Innerspring mattresses: These are the traditional mattresses that use metal coil support system. It is very likely that your preceding generations have slept on for the most part of their lives. Before the development of foam, it was the trendiest mattress. Innersprings have a major setback that they don’t work efficiently with adjustable base and reclining bed. Apart from that, it is in the market because it is fairly cheap as compared to other types. However, they create pressure points and have limited flexibility.

Latex Mattress: these mattresses integrate latex foam as a support base, in the upholstery layers or both. It is manufactured from natural plants and petroleum-based materials. It is 100% foam, and like memory foams, they are useful in preventing pain. Since they are slightly more rigid, and thinner in size, and thus are adaptable to adjustable base.

Airbed mattress: these mattresses use air as their support base. It is made with air chambers and is padded with foam or fiber upholstery. The air chambers are very adjustable in cases of shapes and firmness. Some firms even allow adjusting every side of mattress separately. It is best for back sleepers and couples with different requirements.

With basic knowledge about such types of mattresses, one can head towards the stores confidently and help you grab the best deal in the market.


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Written by Barrack Diego