Welcome Home

“Mama has just arrived!” I told my brother over the phone.  “I picked her up at the airport.  Her plane was delayed for an hour.  She’s safe and she had a great time. ” I was telling my brother. We were happy to see our mother again.  Two months before,  we send her off to Canada for a vacation. We were worried because she will travel on her own.  She’s already 79 years old and she has a problem with her eye sight.

I wasn’t able to sleep that night,  I was worried and became more worried when I learned that she was left behind at Vancouver. She had to help a lady with her luggage she told me when I talked to her.  Typical! She is really my mother! Always helping other people.

So when she came back from her vacation, I felt the burden lighten for I know my mother is here and I can easily visit her.  Thank you God for my mother whom I love so dearly.  Welcome Home Mama Pining!


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    • My siblings and I are lucky to have parents who love us unconditionally. My dad passed away. He left mother to us, telling us to take care of our mother. And as their child it is just right to give them all the love that we can give.

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