Want A Successful Converting Landing Page? Here Are 5 Must-Haves For You

Creation of a great converting landing page is often perceived by most people to be very technical and time-consuming. It may not be as technical as perceived but of course, you need to develop a page that does more than just look good. The first rule to surviving the online competition is always putting your customers first. It is sad that there is no step by step guide on building a perfect landing page but with different tips brought together, you stand a better chance than your competitors. A lot of factors have to be considered when deciding on the design of the landing page and hiring internet marketing in Sydney may just be what you need to get the right start. Getting these factors right is the line that separates a successful landing page and one with a slow response.

Define Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website which could be your home page or even a stand-alone page that is uniquely designed for a specified campaign which could be the promotion or sale of a product. While home pages or websites could be found through sharing links or word of mouth, landing pages can be found through the use of certain keywords and other organic techniques. Here are a few tips to assist you to create the superb landing page with successful converting rate.

A Catchy Headline

Like the colour of a beautiful flower, headlines attract people to your page. It is the starting point of your interaction with the audience and it should therefore not only be catchy but also interesting and self-explanatory. The reader should be able to get a clue of what your page is all about after reading the heading. The most common mistake web owners make is elongating the heading, inevitably making it boring. Your ideal heading should be short, in bold and not exceed more than 20 words even though 10 to 12 words is the most recommended number.

Supportive Subheads

As indicated above the sole purpose of the heading is to attract the visitor to read more about your page. Now that this is successful, how do you make them stay and find out more about your page? This is the job of the sub-headings and if they complement each other perfectly with the main heading then your landing page is as powerful as it gets before even looking at other elements. The subheading should be persuasive in nature and is often placed just below the main heading. By catching the attention of your readers you slowly begin building a connection with them and with a few below factors you should be able to turn them to your audience.

Complementing Photos

As it has always been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. This fact cannot be disputed especially if you need a functional and successful landing page. Facts have it that the human brain processes pictures almost 60,000 times faster compared to a text. Use clear and high definition pictures that relate to the content you are putting across. The picture could be that of the product you are selling or of you and your team selling out services to the public. Images are besides fun to look at and are better at attention-grabbing.

Clear Explanation

This can also be referred to the content of the landing page. Your explanation needs to be crystal clear so your visitor does not struggle to understand the message. Remember the interest of the visitor is bound to diminish as soon as they fail to understand what you portray on your page. To avoid this, invest in getting the best content that best talks about your headings and subheadings. In your explanation, keep everything straight forward to save on the visitor’s time and also make it easy to comprehend everything.

Solve Pain Points

Every business is established on identifying and solving different pain points while making profits out of it. Do not lose sight of this objective as knowing the pain point of your audience may be the key to unlocking your success online. Clearly, describe how your product can be of real change to solve certain pain or deficiency and also indicate what could happen one does not use your product. Hiring internet marketing in Sydney makes it much easier to convince and convert your visitors to your audience without dropping too much sweat.

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