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Tribute Speech for Teachers

My niece asked for a help on this matter, I wrote this before the celebration of World Teachers Day but since I was busy during those time, I wasn’t able to post this in virily.

Today is a very special day. Today, we are to recognize the hero behind every blackboard, we commemorate the shared knowledge in every stroke of pen and chalks to educate us not just about lessons but about the real world, nurture us, as we go through the so called life itself. Today we honor our teachers and all who played a part in shaping who we are today and who we are yet to be.

Teachers are not just educators they became a friend, counselor or mentor. They are our guide that encourages us to continue and pursue. A lot of us sought help from our teachers aside from homework, isn’t it? They are our comforter in times of distress, when we do not have the courage to tell our parents what we are going through and we need someone to discuss it with, they became our counsels who listens and guides us which path to take and what to do with the situation on hand. They pick us up and let us get back on our feet. When we are in deep sorrow they lend their shoulders for us to cry on. Does anyone here disagree with me? I bet no one would be.

As I go on with this speech, there’s a song that comes to my mind entitled “Thanks to you” where in the singer thanked someone for teaching her how to love and showing what the world means. Today, as we honor the great sacrifices of our teachers, for being simply their when needed the most, for accepting our weaknesses and flaws, although at times we are annoying you still never failed to enlighten us, for developing our skills, encouraging us to not be afraid of trying and for molding us to be God-fearing citizens. Words will never be enough to compensate everything they did for us. Those adjectives will not suffice everything nor can’t this song fill in the great works of teachers. You have shown us by example the way to lead our lives as we continue to conquer what life lies ahead. You have given us so much love and care and we could not ask for more. We appreciate you so much and we are lucky to have you as our teachers. Thank you very much our loving teachers.


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