There Was No Love – part 21

Our children did well at school. We were always available to help them  with their homework, but not to do it for them. If they struggled with anything, we got them private lessons.

We sent them to educational summer camps.

We encouraged them to go away for college. To be independent.

They accepted our direction, choose schools distances away. Beyond visits they never returned home.

This allowed Patrick and I more breathing space, allowing us to escape the  torment of having to share the ‘master bedroom’ and bathroom.

Sharing a bathroom had always been our major issue. I liked to lounge in a hot tub, and could only do it when he and the kids were gone.

He liked to read on the toilet which was impossible when I needed to use it.

Shipping away our children was always a joy for us.  Every summer when we sent them to camp we would celebrate with wine and sex.

Now, they were gone to college, not just a month, but hopefully, four years with only brief visits home. When they set up up their households in those distant cities, for Patrick and I it was a new freedom, the beginning of new life.


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