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Without a doubt, the world is going through a period of deep crisis and most of us, who have never experienced such hard times before, may find it difficult to adapt to this new reality which may last for a long time. In these days of confusion and uncertainty, it’s crucial to stay calm, listen to the voice of reason and have some principles to guide you, therefore I have established a set of rules which I’m doing my best to respect as I am confident that they will help me overcome this dire period. Here are the rules I’m trying to stick to in the attempt to get past this unprecedented challenge successfully:

1. Wash your hands frequently– the golden rule which I have always in my mind.

2. Don’t shake hands with anyone– it’s a habit which is very frequent in our society, so it’s very easy to forget about this rule from time to time, but so far I have managed to stick to it. I hope my friends and acquaintances don’t mind if I only greet them from a distance, and they really shouldn’t and do the same if they care about their health.

3. Avoid crowded places– a rule which is easier to obey when you live ina rather small town, as I do.

4. Don’t buy more than you need– I see no point in doing that and I don’t understand those who buy provisions in huge quantities as if it shops were to close for months.

5. Don’t use public travel unless it’s absolutely necessary– luckily for me, I really don’t have to use it these days as I don’t live in a big city and I can get wherever I need by foot in a relatively short time.

6. Cough or sneeze in your elbow or a tissue– I’m trying to be responsible and do my best to minimize any risk of spreading a virus.

7. Get informed about the COVID-19 pandemic from reliable sources– there are some websites and TV stations in my country which have this bad habit of coming up with alarming, panic-inducing titles and news that could make you feel that the end of the world is near. Thankfully, I know that they can’t be trusted and I take my information from other sources, such as the authorities’ websites, public television or the sites of well-known international publications and press agencies.

8. Try to do a little bit of the things you love every day– not going out of town for nature trips for months, not interacting with people face-to-face and not taking part in social events for months can become very frustrating, but this isolation from social life is a necessary evil to which we must adapt, so I’m trying to keep myself entertained from the comfort of my home on by doing things like playing games online, learning Spanish, reading, listening to my favorite music on a daily basis, and why not, write more often here on Virily. Fortunately, there are activities I seldom get bored of, so I hope that by doing them regularly I will manage to keep my morale high and keep dark thoughts and depression away.

So far these are the main principles I’m trying to follow in order to successfully get past this less pleasant chapter of my life, but the list remains open. Life offers us some really tough challenges, and for me, this is one of the worst  I’ve ever been through especially since there are so many unknown things about this virus and nobody knows when it will no longer be a serious threat for mankind. That day will hopefully come, but until then let’s not forget that we’re all in this together and there are things we can and must do to fight the virus and diminish its spreading, so let’s follow the rules and remain optimistic: We can and we will defeat the novel Coronavirus!


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    • That is certainly a good thing for you. I can’t say that my life has changed dramatically either, but I fear the worst is yet to come in my country. Anyway, let’s remain optimistic and believe that we will get past this period and we will be able to enjoy social life and traveling again.


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