The Secret – 7

After our ‘chance’ meeting at the supermarket, I  let  a few days pass, then prepared to  move out of my crummy apartment into one located in same building where Julie lived. I rang her up.

“Hi, how ya doing?” I asked.


“I’ll tell you why I called. I had to leave my apartment. It is infested with rats, and I nearly got mugged coming in the other night. I found another flat, but it is in your building, so I’m calling to tell you, I’m not stalking you.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t think that, Nick.”

“It’s  on the third floor of your building.”

“I’m glad you called.  It would be awkward if you hadn’t.”

“Of course I’d call.  I was gonna call you the other day when…well I am not going to make my problems your’s, especially when they are solvable.”

“When are you moving in?”

“Friday…I’m taking the day off work…”

“You want help?”

“I’d love help.  In fact, you can take over, because I’m sure to stack everything in one corner…”

“And ‘get around to it…’  yeah I know you.”

“Yeah, you do..” I replied.


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Written by jaylar

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