Fate Can Be Kind – 12

Parker was standing there, a sneer on his face, insulting a much younger woman.  The woman, not all that pretty, had said something like “Go to Hell…” and was now storming out of the bar.

Parker was was making rude announcements behind her.

For one incredibly long minute, she remembered him as he was; how striking, how compelling, and how much she had loved him.  Loved him to insanity.

For one incredibly long minute, those years gone disappeared and she recalled how she felt when she first saw him, how she wanted to be with him,  her dreams, and how they were smashed.

Then, the minute ended, and Emma was out through  the back exit, before Parker saw her.Emma ran into the back alley, bummed a cigarette, and began laughing until she cried.The man she had loved so much, the man who hurt her, so much, was now, alone, in a bar, trying to pick up … no trying to make ‘hook-ups’… with women old enough to be his daughter.

Women who didn’t want to be in the same bar that he was.


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Written by jaylar

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