The Mistake – 7

It was Thursday morning when she got a private call from Sonia. It was Sonia. Sonia was the person Amy was supposed to meet tomorrow, Friday.

Sonia was a friend from college and they had a somewhat permanent monthly catch up.

Sonia called to cancel saying; “A guy asked me out, we can catch a drink any time…”

Amy felt strange. Why didn’t she say yes to Jeremy and phone Sonia to cancel?

She found her way to Jeremy, explaining about Sonia and how they tried to meet at least once a month. Jeremy wasn’t paying much attention.

“If you still want to go out on Friday…”  she tossed.

“No, I have other plans…” he replied.

She was sure he was just being childish. But on Friday, he was laughing with Opal as they left together.


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Written by jaylar