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The Mind of a Foodie is 70% Food

The Mind of a Foodie is 70% Food 

Life is full of positive and negative expectancies.

For each expectancy, it has a resulting side effect on the person or group of persons.

To every situation we find ourselves in, we each react to it differently based on perception and understanding.

For me, when am stressed, frustrated, impatient, worried and losing it, I turn to food.

This unconsciously has started creating what is know n as Foodie.

And now I began to notice that I eat a lot and expand little energy during any activity, but soon get tired.

Indulging in food all the time is making me lazy.  I want to be agile again, back to my feet, live the dream, explore my options and maybe soon, one day I will see a friend in the Philippines.

I will throw it to the house, what should I do to cope up the condition I’m in.

Please drop a comment, but not the textbook way of coping eating disorder. The textbook approach doesn’t work mostly with me!

What do you think?

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Written by Docxdrl

Live has it ups and its down!

I choose to see the good in myself and the people around me.

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  1. I don’t do too much of anything. And I do the opposite when I feel stressed. I do something productive instead, like writing. Before I used to dance but now I am growing older I don’t have the energy to dance anymore especially if there are tons of tasks waiting for me to be done.

    It’s glad to know you will be visiting the Philippines. I’m sure your friend will be happy to see you.

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