Ten Things to Become More Likeable

Most people really do want to be liked and have friends. Sometimes it is very hard for people to make that happen. So I did a few hours of research to see if I could find what might be helpful for those who are struggling. I believe most of us do all of these things on a great day, and might struggle on a day that is not so great!

  1. Use our manners. Words like please and thank you are always appreciated.

  2. Ask those we are visiting with how they are and see what they may want to talk about.

  3. Show that you have confidence in their skills.

  4. Show empathy when needed.

  5. I am sorry. (Because no one is perfect feelings get hurt.)

  6. Be sincere

  7. Be interested

  8. Be engaged

  9. Be helpful

  10. Be friendly


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter