Ten Small but Important Things to Observe In Alabama Basketball

A lot of things keep happening at Tuscaloosa, and the energy level of the basketball players in their Alabama basketball apparel is always sky peeking. The university pays a considerable amount of attention in providing for their basketball players, and it’s no wonder many newcomers learn the game from the university. Although the university mostly admits basketball players into the team with full scholarships, there is still scope for newbies to gain entry in the intermediate levels. So basically, a lot of things happen on the basketball grounds.

Even during basketball practice, you might come across many people merely watching the charismatic players play their game. The spectators can observe the basketball team and notice quite a few details about the overall game. So here are ten small but essential things to see in Alabama basketball:

1. The Practice Sessions Are Quite Intense.

You might get the actual feeling of the game if you are a spectator watching the practice sessions. The players always return home or to their dormitories intensely exhausted. The reason is that the practice sessions are very intense in themselves, and at every meeting, it attracts a bunch of spectators to cheer them.

2. Healthy Competition

Although no coach ever wants the team players to compete against each other in the real match, the Alabama coaches have maintained code for healthy competition among the team players. While exercising the throws, or simply while tacking the ball, every player is encouraged to perform better than their earlier performances. The coaches always keep the achievements of all the players on track.

3. First-Year Students Are Of Equal Importance.

At the University of Alabama, everyone loves the experienced players and becomes ardent fans of these players. But you might also come across first-year students who are equally popular among the crowd. It is because no one distinguishes here between newcomers and a senior student.

4. There Are Hardly Any Eligibility Criteria.

The previous year a sophomore had joined the team of Crimson Tide, and the player had proven his worth in all the practice sessions and a game. The NCAA wants its players to prove their worth, and they are not interested in the eligibility criteria. No one even really bothers about the other factors in the game.

5. Stars Are Encouraged To Work With The Team.

It often happens in a typical game that the star of the show tries to make points regardless of his stance in the game. That is highly discouraged in the Alabama basketball team, and even the star-players have to play with the team and help others flaunt their Alabama basketball apparel.

6. The Coach Won’t Allow Injured Players To Play.

The Alabama basketball team has a strict rule regarding players who have received an injury of any sort. They are not allowed to play if they have a chance of getting further injured. The coach thinks that they do not want to risk the career of a player just for one game when they can get better and play at the next season.

7. Attention Is Provided To Players Who Are Healing From An Injury.

The practice may be intense for most players, but players who have sustained severe injuries always receive proper attention. The workout is pretty easy for them, and the coach makes it a point that they do not forget the game and their tactics. So basically, the player is required to stay in the form and heal through sports and physical therapy.

8. Recovery Time Is There For Minor Injuries.

Sprains, bruises, and muscle spasms are a regular part of the basketball team’s lives at the University of Alabama. However, the players who sustain small stitches, muscle spasms, sprain, and other minor injuries are required to take proper rest. They are also given medical aids in case they get injured during the practice of the game.

9. 4-Point Isn’t a Myth

A lot of speculations exist regarding the 4-point line in the basketball court at the University of Alabama. But it is quite right that the players are made to practice throwing the ball at the basket from a 4-point perimeter. It helps the players in bettering their range, which can often come handy during the real game.

10. First-Year Students Can Lead Too.

It has been observed in the game that newcomers and young students are often quite good at their game. They are given their due chances and opportunities, and the coach helps them gain more experience to lead in the main games.

These are the ten small but essential things to observe in Alabama basketball. You might also see player waiving off their Alabama basketball apparel after their score a point or win against the rival team in the seasons.


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