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Sunday walk in the park

Sunday walk in the park. 

The name of this park is “West Park”. It is also located in this part of Sofia. 

As a kid, it seemed very far from the center where I lived 🙂 

We went to him with bicycles and riding on hilly paths… 

40 years later, I dare say it has not changed at all. 

Photos were taken on Sunday (01/23). The grass and leaves have not yet grown and the trees and soil are bare. 

It looks a little boring now, but it will be green and pleasant one day!


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. Great looking park but where is the snow? I remember such a park when I traveled to Luxembourg about 20 years ago. Of course here we also have several parks especially the Gatineau park which looks wondrous in the fall with all the maple trees and other trees’ colorings. Right now that park is still covered with snow….

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