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Springfield, USA

Springfield, USA … or Klar, Nevada Springfield (Springfield) is a fictional castle from the animated TV series The Simpsons. It is located near Shelbyville and the capital of an unnamed country. Springfield has an ocean on the east and on the west side. Once they said that East Springfield three times the size of Texas, and in one episode, Homer morning shovel clean the snow in the afternoon lying in the network and drinking lemonade in the sun ” This raises the question: What is the Springfield planet? “The reason is Groening, one of the authors, called the city of Springfield is that in the US there are more than ten cities with this name. the police station is located in Springfield city map, which looks like a map of medieval Constantinople. the District Klar in Nevada in 1997 built identical a replica of the Simpsons home


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  1. That is very interesting and the house looks beautiful. Online they say that the Simpsons live in Springfield, Oregon on the west coast.

    Simpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed the location of the real Springfield: It’s in Oregon.

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