Some Important English Grammar Tips for You

If you are trying to write articles or any other type of paper, you will want to brush up on your grammar with English grammar tips. You can find English grammar tips online or even in an English book. One thing that has not changed over the years is the basic structure of the English language. Books that were written 30 years ago still have relevance today when it comes to grammar.

Some English grammar tips for you are as follows:


You have to put punctuation at the end of every sentence but can also use certain punctuation in the middle of sentences. Most sentences end with a period (.), although they can also end with a question mark (?) when asking a question or an exclamation point (!) when making a point. A colon (:) is technically the end of a sentence and the beginning of a list. Commas (,) are used to break up a sentence and a semi-colon (;) is similar to a comma and is used in place of a dash.

Style Use

There are a number of different styles used when writing English. Should you spell out numbers? Should you capitalize certain letters? Many of these questions are all a matter of style. You should be familiar with the style manual that is being used in your college or school when you look for English grammar tips when it comes to style use.


Know to capitalize the first word of each sentence and proper nouns. Proper nouns are the name of someone or some famous, or infamous, event. When referring to yourself in the first person, “I” is always capitalized. So are the names of countries, states, and some titles. Some cases call for capitalization such as mom. “My mom went to the store,” would not call for “mom” to be capitalized. But if you were writing letter to your brother stating “I am going with Mom to the store,” the word would be capitalized because “mom” is now a proper noun.

Sentence Structure

You should be familiar with sentence structure and can get many English grammar tips on sentence structure as you can. You can usually find these online or in English reference books. You should be able to break down a sentence and ascertain the nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositional phrases, etc. Because there is so much access to online information today, you can usually find English grammar tips on the internet. With so many people seeking to write English and familiarize themselves with this language, it is not difficult to find English grammar tips.

Amanda ‘ the English Literature tutor and senior editor at custom essay writing service USA and assignment help Australia says, If you are sincerely interested in writing in English, you should take an English course. There are plenty of courses that you can take online that will teach you how to write proficiently in this language. English can be a difficult language for anyone to learn, and even more difficult to write. Taking an English language course can help you learn the basics of English grammar. You will be able to learn how to structure a proper sentence and also pick up some basic English grammar tips for your projects. The more you write in English, the better your writing will become.


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