So Disappointed!

I was all excited to watch the CMA Awards and I found it very disappointing!  I was ready to be entertained. This year the banter between the hosts was boring, uninteresting, not funny and I didn’t love it at all.  I managed to watch the first 20 minutes and then I simplely set  it to record and went back when it ended and watched the actual performances of the artists. Those were fine. 

I feel sorry if any common folks paid to attend the event this year. I may be the only one who felt this way, and still I couldn’t watch it straight through. 

Maybe later today I will watch the performances again and have something nice to say!


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Well hello again, I guess if you can’t have conversations with others, you will have to be your own best friend! I’ll be sure to return to keep myself company. (The really funny thing is no one will even notice.) Oh wait, I have an idea. If someone besides me replies to this comment, I will declare a day to them and promote their work. If not I will just keep being my own best friend.