Six Best Ways to Write Dissertation on Time

Dissertation writing is a long, tedious work which requires extensive research by the researcher for months on constant basis. It becomes very difficult for one to hold on a tedium routine like this and complete the dissertation work on time. As dissertation requirement is for the highest level of degree, i.e., the doctoral degree. It is very likely that you would find it really difficult to complete the designated work on time. In this article, we will tell you 6 different ways that will enable you to complete your dissertation project on time.

Make an Early Start

The first and most important way to finish your dissertation writing in time is to start off your project early. You won’t be able to finish your dissertation in the designated time if you procrastinate. We all have been habitual of procrastinating things especially when related to academic work. A large number of students prepare for their exams usually the night before the exam. This method of procrastination usually works for a lot of students, but when we talk about the doctoral degree and its requirements.

Know the Difference Between Essay and Dissertation

It is not like a short essay that we used to write back in the college or school days. Even if you think that you can do the required dissertation work in weeks, you might be wrong because it literally requires months of constant writing and research to complete. If you want to know in-detail about dissertation, see the link Best dissertation writing services.

Look at the Big Picture

You need to look at the big picture if you want your dissertation to be time effective. What do we mean here by the picture? Is it something that shows a movie in cinema? No, we aren’t talking about the cinema screen rather we are talking about the purpose of the dissertation. Relating your dissertation with a big purpose will enable you to complete and finish your work in time. You should know the contributions that you are going to make in the current literature and how people will be going to take benefit from your dissertation. Keeping in mind this big picture will motivate you to complete this dissertation project as soon as possible.

Take Quick Feedback

Students usually make the mistake of not receiving quick feedback especially in the initial stage of the dissertation. Taking a one compact feedback is necessary but not the best option for your dissertation. It is recommended to take quick and short feedbacks on continuous basis from the start of the dissertation. This provides a better and easy way for the person who has to provide feedback. Looking for just a one last complete feedback will require days to go through all of the dissertation. As feedback includes proofreading with respect to the content, format, chapter, methodology so it becomes a tiring task to look at all of these aspects.

Make Notes

In order to complete your dissertation in time, you need to make notes of the important things that needs to be included later in the dissertation. One of the sections that teases a lot of students is the reference section. It is always the best practice to make notes of the reference that you have used in the dissertation. You can even take notes of the appendices section or any extra information that you can place at the end of the dissertation project.

Plan your Dissertation

If you plan your dissertation before starting it, it can save you a whole lot of time. Planning can might include the contents or table of contents, the approach towards the dissertation. What methodologies you are going to adopt for the dissertation.


Make a plan for the dissertation, start working on the plan, start writing it early and take quick and continuous feedback from the early stages of the dissertation. All these tips can get you over the line and would enable you to get good grades in your dissertation.

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  1. If you are writing a dissertation in English, you need to ensure that your use of that language is as good as it can be. I’m sorry to say that your own level of English falls short in that regard. It’s not your fault – English is not your first language and that is the case with many thousands of students in universities across the world. However, getting help to improve your written work is advisable if a higher degree is the end reward.

    In the past I have helped many students to get their dissertations into good shape, but I must make it clear that this is not something I do now.

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