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your sister is your biggest friend. She has a sister who knows what I’m talking about. She shares everything with you, and grief and joy and secret. Your sister is fighting, but she will never hurt you. Thanks to my mother, who gave me my sister. We are my sister and I used to be

It’s just my mother who gave birth to this doll to me. ?? It’s no longer a dummy doll, it’s a woman who understands me, who cheers me, she feels and when I’m sad and happy … which is simply there always. Who gets angry and tells me everything that does not hurt anyone to me … who shares the last bite … which is my place, which laughs with me … who bites my headphones ….. that fills my batteries * when it’s emptied …. which brings me madness ….. that would tickle me on the tiger to protect me … it’s my sister


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Written by Branka Drobnjak