Scouting for Kids with Disability

Take command from me.


What a snappy execution to see kids with disabilty in formation to come to attention as I shouted the command. Nearly hundred students of special education (SPED) Integrated School, who are deaf and mutes, hearing impaired and fast learners following my command as their scout wood badge trainer in line with their scouting month celebration.

Two SPED teachers worked hand in hand with me. They interpreted my instructions and commands to the boy and girl scouts through sign language. What a great feeling to be with these special kids for the time in my life out of my 50 years experience in the scouting movement.

I can feel the significance of serving them. As what the scout oath says, it my honor to do my duty to God and in my country and to obey the scout law, to help other people at all time.

This praise “to help other people at time” has given me the essence why I have to train these special kids about scouting. I am happy for two days I have never failed them.

They went home that deep in their hearts they’re treated like normal beings, that they’re scouts like other normal kid scouts.

And I am thankful for the cooperation of their caring and loving parents who supported their special kids all throughout the duration of the training. Also I acknowledge the help of their teachers and their school head. Mabuhay ang scouting! Long live scouting!

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