Sacred Number Tangent Matrix Part 2

There are four groups of tangents in the tangent matrix. All sacred numbers fall into these tangent groups. In short, sacred numbers all have the same tangents. I will be dealing with the “nines” tangent group here. (Note, the opposite negative tangents are included as well, but I will just show the positives for brevity). The number on the right is the lowest number with that tangent. Note that nine is subtracted on each consecutive tangent as you go down the chart. Also note that each number “reduces” to nine.

Tangent Number Frequency

6.313      81          18

3.077      72          36

1.962      63          54

1.376      54          72

1              45          90

.726        36          108

.509        27          126

.324        18          144

.158        9            162

In this group, all of the tangents multiplied together equal. .9999. I find this very interesting. The “Frequency” for each tangent is the difference between the lowest numbers with each positive and negative tangent. For example tangent 6.313 has 81 as it’s lowest number, and tangent -6.13 has number 99 as it’s lowest number with that tangent. The difference is 18. Note that 18 separates all frequencies in this group. Note that the frequencies are all sacred numbers as well.

In Part 3, I will be dealing with the zero tangent group.

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