Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part III Chap. 1 (2)

Winston sat in the jail cell, the pain in his belly sometimes worse.  He thought of the pain and his hunger. When the pain lessened, he panicked.

He imagined the torture he would undergo in details.

He felt the smash of truncheons on his elbows and iron-shod boots on his shins; he saw himself grovelling on the floor, screaming for mercy through broken teeth.

He did not think of think often of Julia.   When he did,  he felt he loved her and would not betray her or he felt no love for her, and  hardly wondered what was happening to her.

He thought of O’Brien,  thinking maybe, but then recalled that The Brotherhood never tried to save its members.

The reader has to wonder why would anyone become involved in such an organisation as the Brotherhood which would do nothing to help its members.


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Written by jaylar


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