Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II – 4 (3)

Julia arrives at the flat with real food; real sugar and coffee and bread, tea and jam.  These items were stolen from the Inner Party, for those at the top had real food, those at the bottom, rubbish.

But Julia had another surprise and told Winston to turn his back.  As he sat on the bed, he heard a washerwoman singing the song.

When he turned around  he  almost failed to recognise Julia who had painted her face with makeup. Lipstick,  powder, eye makeup and was wearing perfume.

They went to bed, the first time Winston stripped naked because he had been ashamed of his body.

They drifted into sleep.

When they awoke Julia saw a rat.   She was not afraid. Rats were all over the place, but Winston was terrified,  “Of all horrors in the world — a rat!’ he cried.


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