Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II – 3 (4)

Winston recalls being with Katherine, alone at the edge of a cliff.  Julia asks why didn’t he push her?

He admitted that today he might have.  But it would have made no difference.

“In this game we are playing we can’t win.  Some kinds of failure are better than other kinds.”

Winston reflects that Julia could never comprehend that it is a ‘law of nature’ that the individual is always defeated.

She had to know that she was doomed, that the Thought Police would catch her and kill, yet wanted to believe there was a secret world where she could live free.

Julia could not understand that there was no such thing as happiness. Having ‘declared war on the Party’  one should think of yourself as a corpse.

“We are the dead,”  he tells her.

Pushing that aside, Julia plans for their next meeting.


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