Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four- Addenda 6

This aspect of Nineteen Eighty Four has not as yet occurred; that is the killing of sexual love and true relationships.

It is understandable why The Party, which is ruled by Big Brother, would perceive the dangers of love and need to erode the sex drive so as to maintain complete control of the population.

However, the heightening of the sex drive, the inability of people to remain faithful also fulfils the need for the The Party to be the only permanent fixture in the lives of the people.

If people see themselves and each other as interchangeable cogs, if they can marry and commit adultery and divorce, The Party still remains the only fixture in the lives of the people.

It seems clear that the ‘purpose’ of making the Party the Only constant can be obtained either way, and George Orwell  took one side, but reality moved to the other.


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