Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – 8

In Chapter Eight Winston Smith goes walking.  He knows he is not to be doing this, for every second of his life is controlled by Big Brother.  If he wasn’t working or sleeping he should be at some Community Meeting.

But he walks through the area where the Proles live.   He wants information, wants to know what life was like before the ‘Revolution’.

He sees an old man going into a Pub and follows, buys him drinks, tries to get information. He gets none and walks, finding himself at the shop where he bought the diary.

He speaks to the owner, even goes upstairs to see a room where there is no telescreen.  When he  comes out and sees ‘the dark haired girl’ who works where he does and he feels she is spying on him.

Afraid, he moves off, then, has to retrace his steps because he has met a dead end.

This unprogrammed walk, this venture into the region of proles is, in Smith’s world dangerous and exiting.


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