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Poetry: We find peace when we find our piece of God

A piece of me is really me, but what piece is that?

I have my mind, my body, my soul, and my heart,

but which piece of me is me, wearing the right hat?

If we’re in combat with any of our parts, we depart.

<<<<<<<                                                             >>>>>>>

This is because we are not just uniquely our body,

nor just our mind, or our soul, or our heart, by itself.

We don’t live from pieces. We live from a whole self.

To play our true role, all parts must play their full part.

<<<<<<<                                                             >>>>>>>

There is no one piece that fits into us all, it’s true.

We all have our own unique piece of God’s oneness.

If we look for clarity, by carrying only our own piece,

we lose connection to being at peace with ourselves.

We must remain a piece, or a part of God’s oneness.

Do not try to go off on your own being only your piece.

Remain connected to all of the other pieces with love,

and you’ll find that a piece of me, is in a piece of you.

<<<<<<<                                                             >>>>>>>

We find our own piece, by being at peace with others.

A piece of me is always connected to every other piece.

When one of us cries, another person always feels pain.

We’re all connected into God’s oneness, but not all the same.

<<<<<<<                                                             >>>>>>>

The greatness of anything depends not on its greatness.

No, it depends on nothing, but the love in it for you.

Love is not so much great then as it is itself emptied out,

and so it comes to its real greatness only within you.

<<<<<<<                                                             >>>>>>>

Don’t reside in a hideaway built upon the tides.

Life’s waves come and go as much as you show.

Show life yourself, and the waves lift you up.

Hide from life, and they will crash down on you.

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Written by The Dunce


    • That’s true in many ways, as long as we want to be ourselves.

      I often do not want to just make myself me, me. I want to make myself, me, God.

      And yet the paradox often is that when we really do make ourselves, me, me, we realise then that we are also me, God, then too.