The Plain Sister – 5

All my life I had resigned to the fact that I was plain. That no one would look at me and be attracted to the ‘package’, hence, I had to work on the contents.

My sister, Kerry was pretty, so people flocked about her, unaware if there were any contents inside of that pleasing package.

I developed the belief that I was never going to get married so needed an occupation, a profession which would full engage me.

I worked hard at school, did well, went to college, then did a Masters, and met another student, a male, whom I worked well with.

I started to see him as a man as he saw me as a woman, and he started to take better care of himself, as did I.  And soon, we were in love, and got married, and were happy.

Kerry, who never had to develop contents, relied on her package. But packages get old, and in her case, fat. And what was so amusing, in a terribly evil way, is that despite the fact she was no longer pretty she still behaved as if she was.

As she was no ‘catch’ no one caught her, and she finally married a nothing man when she was thirty. That was long after I had my two children.

I raised them not to think they were attractive or special, so that they, as I, would focus more on contents than covering.

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