The Plain Sister – Part 4


While at college I met someone, and somehow we dated.   It was more discussing our findings in the lab over dinner or drinks then an actual boy meets girl.

As time passed I started to see him as a man as he saw me as a woman, and he started to take better care of himself, as did I.   I let my hair grow and had it styled, I dressed better.   He did the same, and I considered him quite attractive.

Passing a mirror as we went to dinner I admired that pretty woman before realising that was me.  That I was pretty.

We got engaged, and then our wedding ceremony.  I remember so well Kerry being at my wedding.  She had put on some weight, but still acted as if she were beautiful.   No one much noticed her, but then, these were serious people at a wedding, not half drunk guys at a bar.

Right now, on my wedding day, she was the plain sister.

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