The Plain Sister – 1

Kerry was two years younger than me. It wasn’t until I was seven and she was five I realised that I was plain and she was pretty.

She attracted people, and had crowds of friends. She treated them with contempt as she treated everyone. To say she was spoiled doesn’t cover it. She was treated as if she was so special and the rest of the world so inferior that she never developed a personality of any attraction.

She had a snarl of speech that Mommy corrected with;  “Kerry, you make your face so ugly when you talk like that, I hope it doesn’t freeze like that…”

Mommy used to tell us stories about how a girl once made this face and her face froze like that and she couldn’t do anything about it. Telling Kerry about face freezing taught her to say the most horrid things so sweetly.

As the plain sister there was no sense in me trying to dress up or fix up.  I would be plain so I would be bright.  I would be bright so I could get a job as no one would marry me.

That was my firm belief when I was fourteen and Kerry was twelve.


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Written by jaylar

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