The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part VII

Eric Stern drove to Lake George early Saturday morning.

He arrived just past nine, proud to have found the Motel so easily. He didn’t recall a security guard at the gate before,  and his heart sank. No doubt they were preventing strangers from using the property.

“You’re late.” The guard said to him.

.”Excuse me?” Eric retorted, sure the guard was going to ask, “Are you a guest?”

“You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. Y’know Mr. Wagner demands promptness.”

Eric nodded and the guard added,

“Mr. Wagner’s  waiting for you in the Office.”

“Oh.”, Eric shrugged, parked in the management only section, came from his faded Chevy in better humour than he’d been for quite sometime.

He sauntered to the Office, entered.”Mr. Wagner?” He called, expecting, ‘who are you?’ which would allow him to explain the guard’s misdirection.


“Glad you made it!” Beamed a short fat man, extending his hand, “that was some pile up!”


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Written by jaylar

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