The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part IX

“Tell me about it.” Eric Stern replied, feeling so clever his remark could be taken both ways.

“When I heard about the seventeen car pile up I was worried you might be in it.”

Eric nodded.

“You’re ready to begin, Jack?” Said Mr. Wagner, “or would you like me to go over  it a last time?”

“Go over it.” Eric requested, really enjoying the game.

“The room rates are here, listed where anyone can see them. Check out time is Noon, I don’t care what time the guests arrive. And we don’t rent by the hour. This is a family place. Any one wants a quickie, not here! Your room is here, you sign for your meals. Your usual hours are from eleven in the morning to seven at night. You get a break when you can but you’re on call twenty four hours in case anything happens. I’ll be with you today and tomorrow, then you’re on your own. Questions?”

“And you don’t mind if I use the facilities? Swim? Mingle?” Eric asked, as if confirming.

“As long as you do it outside your working hours. Can’t have the manager in the lake when guests are checking out.”

“Of course.”

“You’re off on Mondays, but not this Monday, cause I won’t be here. I usually fill in for you on Monday. As I told you, it’s a six day job.”

“Uh huh.”

“Oh, by the way, would you fill in another form?”

“What happened to the first?”

“I put my coffee cup on it.” Wagner gave apologetically showing him the big brown circle on the short application form.


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Written by jaylar

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