Catching Karma – 18

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The flight was a few hours,  then came a bus taking Marie and other guest to the all-inclusive hotel.  She booked in without difficulty,  did a quick unpacking, and then came down to explore this place where she was.

She did it to not think about anything but here and now.  She did it to make a memory, an overlay on all her grown up ‘Marie’ thoughts of business, family, and events that could only depress.

She went back to that twenty year old, to who she was, before she met Charley.

She moved the restaurant and took forever to select her meal.  This was no ‘lunch hour’  this was no ‘quick bite’, this was a meal she would savour.

After eating she sat on the veranda, others  came and they spoke easily and lightly, the main topics, food, weather, the accommodations.

Her  new friends decided to go to the sea after the meal, and she agreed.  When they finished, she went to her room,  put on her bathing suit, and came down, and to the sea.

Tension still remained, but she punched it to the horizon.  She just wanted to be.


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