Nowhere to be found

Hello my there my fellow virily users. It’s been awhile since I made a post again. I am just going through something. Let’s say a dose of stress and a bit of depression. This time I can say that when you are in your lowest point, only a few would ask “how are you?” Some would ask just to know only a few cares.

Haist… I once passed this, been through this and now going through again and just the same happened. Only a few friends lend a hand, only a few family members hugs me.

Maybe that”s why a lot of people who undergo depression would lead themselves to suicide. Because of the love and attention they’re getting. I am very thankful that I have children that makes me smile, a husband that is very caring and supporting. A mother that hugs and understands me all the time.

I thank all of them for staying with me.

I hope you all too are in good condition right now.


What do you think?


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  1. If there is at least one person who will stand by your side during the worst time of our life, we should still be happy. And if we think there is none, we are wrong, God is always there by our side. Have a blessed day!

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