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This year, the theme of World Water Day is “The nature of the water”, with a special focus on activities related to the protection of the natural environment in order to reduce pollution and conservation of water resources (eg, stopping unplanned deforestation, protection of water from waste water, protection soil erosion, protection of wetlands from drying and the like.).

According to estimates by the World Health Organization, the fresh water on the planet Earth has only 2.5%, of which consists of ground water 30.8%, and lakes and rivers 0.3%, but most of the fresh water “trapped” in the permafrost (68,9% ). It is estimated that only 1% of fresh water or 0.007% of the total amount of water can be used for the needs of humanity. In a world of almost 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion live without basic sanitation.

The dynamic development of society and the increasing pressures on the natural environment, and thus the water now become one of the key issues of sustainable development, as the pollution of groundwater, lakes, streams and the sea adds to the reduction of existing water supplies. Increase in water consumption due to higher standards of living, urbanization and industrialization, led to increase in the amount of wastewater to be discharged into natural water systems.

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