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My little precious one

My pregnancy was quite tough, I went through a lot, depression, loss, stressful work and co-workers…. So, what I did to make my little one strong I make sure I take my vitamins always. What really affected me much is the death of my father, it’s unexpected, he never had maintenance medicines. And he’s death was instant. I am a Papa’s girl so his death has affected me so much, that until now, I am still in deep sorrow.

Before I he’s death he knew that I am soon to gave birth to a baby boy, he’s very happy. But a week after I told him he got sick, we brought him to the hospital stayed there for 7 days and left us 2 days after he went home from the hospital.

Then, April 25, 2018 I gave birth to a cute little boy, he really looks like him. God is really indeed the Great Almighty. Miracles really happen, He send a replacement from our great loss. He knows I misses my father so much and He gave me someone I can look at who looks just like really him. 


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