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More Cyber Tips – Facebook 'Friends' (2)

Corporations use A.I. to scour Facebook for Keywords.  Finding them, the Users accounts are examined. This permits the A.I. to select one of its many fictional users to make a friend request.  The A.I. is matching race, age, and whatever other criterion is desired.

The Facebook users who are targeted receive friend requests,  from persons who are ‘just like them’.  This makes acceptance more likely.

Once accepted as a friend, the A.I. searches the account, looking for more ‘key words’  which either link to whatever the corporation is selling or can be sold to other corporations.

Depending on the purpose of the corporation, there may be friendly posts which agree to whatever the user says to make the account seem real before selling the product, it could be emojis; such as everything the new friend posts automatically gets a smiley face.

As those with ‘One Thousand Friends!’  don’t have much time to dig into the history of each new ‘friend’ the A.I festers on the account, targeting ‘friends’ of this new ‘friend’..


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Written by jaylar


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