More About Extend and Information About The Attain Bar

Sorry everyone, but my first post about Extend Nutritional bars. I meant to hit draft and I hit publish instead. Read more about Extend bars here.

You will be amazed at the research that went into making these bars. I have only tried these two flavors and they are great. They have cookies and cream, chocolate and caramel, Yogurt and berry, and I think a lemon one as well. I rate these two a 9 for flavor and hunger control. I feel full fast, and stay that way for many hours.

I have been buying the Attain bar from Melaleuca. I like them both but the Attain if I remember right is more expensive, but I know I will be switching back and forth. I know I have been writing about the Attain powder. It works similar to what the Extend bars are supposed to do for its users. Just my opinion!  

I would recommend them both for great taste and hunger control. 


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna

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