Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum

There are many lovely lighthouses in the world offering strong beacons of light to ships coming in close to shore in the dark of night or during stormy weather. The Montauk Point Lighthouse located on Long Island in New York City is over 200 years old.

The lighthouse was built in 1796 and is the first lighthouse in the state of New York and is also the fourth oldest in the U.S. It served to guide whaling ships, fishing boats, steamships, and sailboats all through the years. It still serves as a lighthouse today.

The Montauk Point Lighthouse has a tower that stands 110 feet tall. There are 137 steps to climb to get to the top. Attached to the lighthouse is the keeper’s house. Since in 1987 the light at the top was automated a keeper for the lighthouse was no longer needed.

It is now the Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum and since the point where it is located at the eastern-most tip of Long Island in the Hamptons, there are spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can explore the lighthouse and the keeper’s house and see all of the rooms, You can learn about the history of the lighthouse. For fantastic views, you can climb to the top of the lighthouse below the place where the light is and stand on a viewing platform.

After you’ve explored the inside and the outside you can stop by the gift shop and relax at the Lighthouse Grill and have a snack.


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