Messing Up – Family – 4

Oscar’s father survived and was brought back home.  He was frail and with the rest of the family around, Oscar wasn’t needed.

It was then Oscar thought of his own family.

He phoned Mindy.  The call did not got through.  He called her work place and was told she had quit more than two weeks ago and left no forwarding address.

Oscar called a neighbour who told him that Mindy had moved out.

Confused, upset, Oscar packed and raced back to the city where he had lived. When he came to the apartment he learned that two months rent were due.

The landlord was angry.  Oscar tried to explain about his father and not knowing where Mindy went,  The landlord grudgingly let him back into the apartment after he paid the arrears.

Oscar saw that the things that belonged to Mindy and his son were gone.

He called his job and they told him that he was to come and pick up his severance pay, They had given him two weeks leave and this was six weeks.  He spoke of his father ‘s illness, and they weren’t interested.

It was then Oscar sat down and tried to figure out how everything got so messed up.


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Written by jaylar

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