Love & Serve, Through Work

Love is one of the most powerful emotions and motivations. Learning to love others the way we love ourselves is an extremely high bar that cuts right to the struggle of our pride and greed as humans.

Love is banned from business.

Love is usually banned from business.  If love is such an integral part of being human, why should we not apply it to and through the work we do?  Why should we spend 90,000+ hours of work over our lifetime in a sterile, loveless environment?  Work is a way to love and serve – serve you and your family, serve others, serve the world, and for some people, it’s a way to serve God.  The Hebrew word “Avodah” was actually used interchangeably to mean “work”, “serve”, and “worship”.


There is a natural flow here that brings great dignity and purpose to what we do.  You may not always see the fruit of your work, but it is important to take time and ask WHY is this work valuable and HOW does it serve others?

This isn’t a one time question. It is an ongoing process of connecting our daily tasks to the love and service of others. Every moment we are tagging and transcribing, we are loving and serving people around the world.

When you genuinely love others in business you are being truly human.  Expressing love and service through work has the added benefit of increasing engagement and it will naturally result in higher quality work.


What do you think?


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