La Luz Del Mundo Leader & 3 accomplices arrested in June 2019

Sunday, 7.7.19

Joaquin Garcia, La Luz Del Mundo Leader Arrested

Joaquin Garcia, the leader of La Luz Del Mundo, an international religious organization connected with the Vatican, has been arrested in California for sex trafficking, child pornography, raping a child, and other felonies. La Luz Del Mundo is headquartered in Mexico, and it has over a million followers all over the world.

Four people was charged on Tuesday, June 4th, for such charges happening from 2015 and 2018.

California currently has the highest number human trafficking in USA.

The video is in English and Spanish. (See Above Link for 1st Video).

In this second video, a $50 million dollars bail was announced for Joaquin Garcia’s charges of human trafficking, child pornography, and raping a child. La Luz Del Mundo sounds like a religious cult, similar to scientology.


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