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4 Titles For Outside Title Suggestions ~ It's a Title Pool

Here is our situation. We are so immersed in talking about this site and what is happening here, we are missing opportunities to reach others and bring them to the site.  I know there are some great ideas and title writers out in the community.  It seems like a great time to stop worrying about what is here and bring new people in to read and view and possibly join us.

This is an open list, so anyone can submit their ideas for different titles that will bring views from outside our little group. 

#1 Title Suggestion “Five Reasons Children Should Receive Snail Mail.”

It is so important that children read. This is another great option to get them reading. This kind of title could be linked to schools and that would bring in outside traffic.  If someone writes the post I can post the links.

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#2 Learn When and Who to Tweet

There are very specific ways to bring in outside views on twitter. Write about your experience and when and what works!

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Every day in every school, public place, work place, on social media and in homes there are BULLIES. The key is to identify the bullies and then GET THEM HELP.  Bullies have issues that are not resolve.  

When we talk about violence it begins with words and ends with death. Identify and help them before others get hurt.

Volunteer for groups that help educate.

We are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Share your solutions. Bring back civility. 

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