Is Google Evil?

We have recently discussed the growth of internet use and about google ads with my colleagues. The opinions were different. That inspired me to write a small essay sample and I decided to share it with you today on this blog. Everyone is free to leave comments. I am curious to know your thoughts on the subject.

Google is one of the latest companies to record a fast growth over the past few years. The company has enjoyed high demand for their products that has pushed it to utilize the opportunity to vary their services. Google ads have been one of the latest company’s developments. The ads have become a key source of income to the company generating a 19% revenue growth. The growth in both the business has resulted in more attention towards the company from the people who support it and those who are against the company’s activities; this has created a debate on whether the company is evil or not. It is important to realize whether Google is evil or not as many companies look up to it as their role model; hence, they would like to know whether the company is right in its mode of conducting business.

In my opinion, Google is not evil. A small company might conduct its business unnoticed to many people. For this reason, it will not be under scrutiny as only few people are aware of its existence. However, as the company grows, it comes to the eyes of many people, its decisions start to affect more people in its environment. Being a multinational company, Google is used by many people in the world; for this reason, if it does a mistake, it is likely to be felt by many individuals. Someone might think that the company is supposed to take responsibilities for its actions by following each person’s detailed needs and ensuring satisfaction at personal levels. I would like to address to such expectations by noting that Google is a multinational company serving millions of people around the world; for this reason, they will implement the ideas that, according to them, will be suitable for many individuals. They might be unable to meet every person’s demands as they will focus at the population as a whole.

Google is a company whose main aim is to minimize costs and maximize its profits. The company will use all available means that they term possible to increase their profits, but still maintain their high quality services. While trying to maximize their profits, they are likely to carry out some activities that hurt the trust of their customers. There has been fierce opposition of this move as the company will always overlook the privacy of its customers by using details such as their locations to deliver tailored ads. They will use this technique to test how far the users are willing to accept changes they plan to implement. Using the technique of utilizing the privacy details of an individual has raised concern as it will be more of surveillance to the Google service users. However, to justify this, clients should look at Google as a corporation. As a company grows, it will change the way it conducts its activities due to various reasons, but all changes will be made in the quest of improving the customer service delivery and quality.

The company is required to save a database of the information regarding all its customers so as to track the activities they conduct online. The data are used to improve the services by keeping track of the clients’ records of the location they are in; location details will be useful to ensure that the details individuals receive will be relevant to their locations. Someone might think that the details the company collects are used for other activities rather than the enhancement of service delivery. However, just like any other multinational company, Google understands privacy policy, and for this reason, they do not disclose the information to the third parties.

The claims stating that Google is evil are not new to the companies that have experienced high growth rate. As a company increases in size, it will not be able to meet personal demands and satisfy to all the clients. However, Google should take the claims seriously especially those regarding the privacy issues since many people will be afraid of their personal information being disclosed to the third parties.


What do you think?

Written by Olivia White


  1. As a multinational company, Google understands the importance of customers. Without them there is no business. I don’t think it is evil though some of the projects they engage might not satisfy some customers. It is understandable but as long as they listen to customers concerns and work on them though it is impossible to work on each individual’s need will put them in a good stand.

    I learned some insightful information about Google and its relation to customers.